Our Move to Kentucky


As some of my readers might already know, I had to put The Nerd Mom Blog on pause for a bit because our family picked up and moved from Michigan to Kentucky.

My husband was offered an awesome new job, and we weren’t happy in Michigan, so we jumped at the chance – but man was it CRAZY.

The job interview process went quicker than we are used to. He had a phone interview, an in-person interview a few days later, and an offer the day after the interview.

They wanted him to start in two weeks.

We could have pushed back, but since we’re a family that prides ourselves on not being afraid to make bold moves, we decided to dive in.

And just like that, while my husband worked his final two weeks at his old job, I was coordinating real estate agents, movers, storage units, apartments, and everything else we needed to make this happen. All while still taking care of our two very young kids.

Goodbye, First House

Although we weren’t happy with our city in Michigan, we did love our old house. It was a charming, spacious home with a big backyard on a cute cul de sac. We bought it when my oldest was only a month old.

It was where my babies were babies. Where we decorated and then re-decorated a little nursery. Where we heard first words, watched first steps, weathered tantrums, and watched countless nursery rhyme YouTube videos.

Goodbye, first house.

It was where I learned how to be mother.

And with little notice, we found ourselves leaving. With so much work to do, I barely got to enjoy that house in those last days there.

My kids are too little to really understand what is happening, but when my toddler walked into his room after it had been emptied, he said, “Where is my bed?” He said it with such sad innocence, I started to tear up.

As we pulled away, with the knowledge that we likely would never come back, I definitely shed a few tears for our beautiful, perfectly imperfect, first home.


Our plan was to rent an apartment in Kentucky while we sold our old house and looked for a new one. Of course, plans are made for going awry.

Our first choice apartment wouldn’t be available until a week after my husband started his job. Fortunately, my husband had relatives in a nearby town who offered to put us up until then.

We were very lucky to have been offered a free place to stay for that time, but it wasn’t without challenges. Our relatives never had kids, and I don’t think they were prepared for what it would be like living with two.

They were excellent hosts who went out of their way to make us comfortable, but travel is always difficult with kids.

Living out of suitcases gets old when you have to manage diapers, extra clothes, Pack ‘n Plays, toys, and all the other extras that little ones need.

Then we found out our apartment wouldn’t be ready for another week. By the end of week two, we (and likely our hosts) were ready for us to settle into our own space.

Meanwhile, we were pleasantly surprised to learn we had received an all-cash offer on our house not even a week after it was listed.

This was good news, but we weren’t expecting things to move so quickly. More phone calls, more coordinating. All while technically not having a home.

The Resilience of Kids

This move has been extremely stressful on my husband and I, but our kiddos seem just fine.

The chaos has rendered the usual eating and sleeping schedules completely nonexistent, but they don’t seem to mind.

We’ll sleep wherever.

They are used to some travel as we frequently visit family members on overnight trips, so I think this is all just one big vacation for him.

The baby obviously has no idea what’s going on. As long as she gets the boob when she wants it, she’s a happy camper. Of course, new places provide all sorts of new things to get into. She loves garbage cans, dog bowls, stairs, and remotes. New environments mean finding new ways to babyproof.

My toddler loves excitement and thrives in new situations. He has handled everything like a champ. His vocabulary has been growing exponentially, and all of the new surroundings have offered new opportunities to point out objects he knows and ask about the ones he doesn’t.

Kentucky Life

We are now settled in the apartment, and even though we still have a lot to do, hopefully the hardest part is behind us. We’ve downsized to only the necessities and the rest of our possessions are in storage. We’ve got a place to call our own, though, and that’s the biggest thing.

Getting used to the new place.

Our next step is to start looking at houses, which is the fun part.

We love our new city, too. So much to do and explore. I am looking forward to getting to know a new place with the kids.

We have all the benefits of a city with restaurants, museums, parks, and other activities. But we are also just a 20 minute drive to gorgeous countryside and horse farms. It’s the best of both worlds.

Now that we are in the apartment with our own internet (yay!), hopefuly I can get back to blogging regularly.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Have you ever gone through a huge upheaval in life, like a big move, with little ones? How did it go? What were your challenges? Tell me in the comments!

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