30 Day Stay Home Challenge

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To combat the spread of COVID-19, the CDC has recommended limiting social contact and staying home as much as possible. To support this effort, I have created the 30 Day Stay Home Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, for the next 30 days (starting on Thursday 3/19), I will post on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter something that you can do at home to keep busy while self-isolating. The goal is to encourage activities you can do that promote mental and physical wellness, productivity, and family bonding during this stressful time.

Since parenting and kids are a main focus for my blog, many of the activities are with kids in mind. But I have tried to make this challenge relevant to everyone – all are encouraged to participate!

I want you to get involved! Post pictures of you and/or your family participating in these activities. Tag me @thenerdmomblog (on all three platforms) or use the hashtag #30daystayhomechallenge to show me how you’re participating.

If you want to follow along or know the activities ahead of time, I will list the activities for all 30 days below:

Day 1: Start a journal
Day 2: Learn something new
Day 3: Meditate
Day 4: Organize your pantry/fridge
Day 5: Netflix and chill
Day 6: Cook a homemade meal
Day 7: Do yoga
Day 8: Read a comic/graphic novel
Day 9: Watch a documentary
Day 10: Do a craft
Day 11: Read a book
Day 12: Go for a walk
Day 13: Work on your hobby
Day 14: Work outside
Day 15: Take a bubble bath
Day 16: Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
Day 17: Bake
Day 18: Look at old photos
Day 19: Clean out your closet
Day 20: Write a story
Day 21: Have a dance party
Day 22: Play a board/card game
Day 23: Organize/discard toys
Day 24: Put together a puzzle
Day 25: Listen to music
Day 26: Clean out your car
Day 27: Play a video game
Day 28: Write a letter
Day 29: Stargaze
Day 30: Make a gratitude list

You can choose to do these in my order, or shuffle them around. You can do them in a consecutive 30 days or stretch it out as long as you want to.

Just try to enjoy this time for rejuvenating yourself and reconnecting with loved ones. And STAY HOME!

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