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5 Fictional Characters I’d Invite for a Night Out

The Sartorial Geek blog created the 5 Fandom Friday prompts. You can follow along here! Many of us nerds like to imagine what it would be like to meet our favorite fictional characters. After all, there are hoards of fanfiction pieces exploring scenarios where the author is inserted into a fictional universe; or the opposite,

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5 Heroic Ladies in Literature

So, I just found out that The Sartorial Geek is doing 5 Fandom Fridays in 2020, so I have decided to follow along with some of their prompts in my series. This weeks prompt? Literary heroines. There are SO many great examples of badass women in literature, so this will be hard to narrow down.

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30 Day Geek Out Challenge – Day 28

From the sweeping, epic horns that accompany the Fellowship’s travels, to the mysterious and elegant chorus that mimics the elves in Lothlorien, I could sit and just listen to all three hours and 40 minutes of Shore’s pieces.