About Me

The Nerd Mom Blog was created to reach out to moms and provide advice, ideas, and anecdotes on parenting with a flair for nerd culture. You do not need to be a huge nerd to get something from my blog. Mommies with all kinds of interests and from all walks of life are invited to check out the posts. We are all in this together on this crazy journey called motherhood!

My name is Jennifer and I am the proud nerd mom of a rambunctious toddler boy and sassy baby girl. I am also the proud wife of a brilliant and funny nerd dad. My husband and I bonded over a shared love of nerd culture, and we look forward to hopefully passing some of that love on to our kids. We had a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, we see every new Star Wars movie in theaters on opening night, and we enjoy spending our evenings reading and playing video games.