16 Amazing Moms Who Cosplay


Cosplaying can be an intense hobby; purchasing materials and pieces, designing, and, if the cosplayer is making her own ensemble, sewing, molding, sculpting… it often takes a lot of time and dedication (and $$$)!

Motherhood, obviously, is also quite demanding of your time and energy. So being a mom and finding an opportunity to also be a cosplayer is pretty damn impressive. That’s why I’ve decided to feature some amazing cosplay mommies on my blog.

These ladies are rockin’ motherhood and creating fabulous cosplays. I’ve provided links to their profiles wherever possible so you can check them out!

1. Sarah – Adella Cosplay

Photo Credits: Lauren Elizabeth Photography (left), Sylvia G Photography (center), Jan-Michael Losada (right)

Mama to: Garrett (5 years) and Gavin (2 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 or Malon from Legend of Zelda. She says she feels “incredibly happy when I’m in their costumes!”

What You Should Know About Her: She was the first North American cosplayer to be invited as an international guest at a foreign fan convention, which she attended in Mexico. At the event she was given security detail, signed autographs, and was on stage in front of a crowd of thousands (wow!). She also was the creator of the website Cosplay.com, which was one of the earliest online communities for cosplayers to get together and share photos.

Instagram: @adellacosplay

Website: Adella Cosplay

2. Candy Keane

Photo Credits: Red Velvet Photography (left), David Love Photography (center), AVM Cosplay Photography (right)

Mama to: Keelan (4 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Wonder Woman and Princess Leia

What You Should Know About Her: Before deciding to become a stay-at-home mom, Candy ran her own costume business, Three Muses Inspired Clothing. Her amazing costumes have been featured in books, magazines, and documentaries like Jedi Junkies and Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

Instagram: @sewgeekmama

Website: Geek Mamas

3. Lindsay – Doctor Aphra

Photo Credits: Lindsay

Mama to: Holly (9 years) and Zackary (3 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Doctor Aphra from Marvel Star Wars comics

What You Should Know About Her: Lindsay’s primary occupation is a licensed mental health therapist. Her costumes are Rebel Legion approved and she participates in charity events with them in costume.

Instagram: @x_redridinghood_x_cosplay

4. Aubrey – Aubrelius Cosplay

Photo Credits: Aubrey

Mama to: Drake (7 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Yennefer and Ciri from The Witcher (or any cosplay she can get her son and husband to do with her!)

What You Should Know About Her: This resourceful mama enjoys the challenge of trying to make her costumes from stuff she has laying around the house or from the dollar store. She’s also a talented photo editor.

Instagram: @aubrelius.cosplay

5. Rebecca de Leon

Photo Credit: Rebecca (left), Crystal Gonzalez / @estiloygracia (center), Eddie B Photos (right) Allan Pugeda, Mister P Cosplay as Maui

Mama to: Trace (4 years) and Sage (3 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Moana (most well-known) or Valkyrie (most badass)

What You Should Know About Her: When she’s not cosplaying, Rebecca is a homeschooling stay-at-home mom who runs a 14,000-person mom group in the Chicago area (called The Mommy Districts). She also ran her own Moana princess party company for two years and this year she co-founded a female-only gamer community called Valkyrie Gamers.

Instagram: @mother_to2lions

6. Jasmin – Pixie Dust Cosplay

Photo Credits: Jasmin (left, center) James Niland Photography (right)

Mama to: Isabelle (2 years) and Maxson (5 weeks)

Favorite Cosplay: Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

What You Should Know About Her: This self-taught mama hand sewed her own costumes for her first few years of cosplay. She even made her own wedding dress in three days!

Instagram: @jasmin.wheeler

7. Kim – Tigrisness

Photo Credits: Kim (left, right), Kincart Photography (center)

Mama to: Raynan (14 years) and Avery (12 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Phoenix Wright, Sweeney Todd, and Lady Loki

What You Should Know About Her: She’s always been a huge fan of Halloween and dressing up in costume. She learned how to sew from her own mom, who was a seamstress.

Instagram: @tigrisness

8. AJ Wu

Photo Credits: Jeffrey Kuo Photography

Mama to: Larva (6 1/2 years) and Grub (5 years) Not their real names, she uses pseudonyms for them online 🙂

Favorite Cosplay: Drizella from Cinderella

What You Should Know About Her: Ever since Grub was born, AJ and her family have been doing themed holiday photos. A lot of effort goes into making them happen, but her kids love it!

Instagram: @ajmeows

Website: Confused Kitty

9. Alessa Grace – Talk Nerdy To Me Cosplay

Photo Credits: Alessa

Mama to: Lilly (3 years)

Favorite Cosplay: Gwenpool

What You Should Know About Her: On top of being a mommy and a cosplayer, Alessa is also an electrician. She’s quite the Renaissance mommy!

Instagram: @talknerdytomecosplay

10. Sarah – Owl Feathers Cosplay

Photo Credits: The Variant (left), Sarah (center, right)

Mama to: 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl

Favorite Cosplay: Princess Leia and Aziraphale

What You Should Know About Her: This mama has been cosplaying since 1999 – she’s no novice! Star Wars is her niche, and she’s done many versions of Princess Leia.

Instagram: @owl_feathers

11. Mary Bennett

Photo Credits: Sloane Martin (left), Adam Bennett (center), Mary Bennett (right)

Favorite Cosplay: Regency Princess Leia or Glam Aqua Man

What You Should Know About Her: This elementary school art teacher and mom says she “stumbled” into cosplay while making elaborate costumes for special events with her college roommate.

I wasn’t able to get bio information for all the moms I wanted to feature, but I still think their cosplays are worth checking out. Here they are:

12. Alexandra – Wolf Family Cosplay

Photo Credits: Forbidden Word Studio

Instagram: @wolffamilycosplay

13. Christina Ong

Photo Credits: Christina Ong

Instagram: @chris_grace_ong

14. Amber – Lady Maul Cosplay

Photo Credits: Renee Michelle Photography (left), Amber (center), Brian W. Martin Photography (right)

Instagram: @ladymaulcosplay

15. That Harmony Girl

Photo Credits: That Harmony Girl

Instagram: @that_harmony_girl

16. YourMamaCosplays

Photo Credits: YourMamaCosplays

Instagram: @yourmamacosplays

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