80 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Name Ideas


Nowadays it seems like unique names are very trendy. While classic names like James and Emily still make it to the top of the baby name charts, creative baby names remain popular.

If you’re looking for some clever or original baby names, why not look to your favorite books, movies, video games, and TV shows for some ideas? After all, nerd culture is now cooler than ever! Your favorite epic characters can provide some awesome, nerdy baby names that will be meaningful and inspiring.

Here are the best baby names for boys and girls I could find from across nerdom.


  1. Ada – Ada Lovelace is a 19th century mathematician who is sometimes regarded as one of the first computer programmers. It’s also an adorable alternative to the popular name Ava.
  2. Amilyn – A lesser known Star Wars name – Amilyn is the first name of Admiral Holdo, a character in Episode VIII.
  3. Andromeda – In Greek mythology, Andromeda becomes a star, and her name means “advising like a man” (badass!). Some other bearers of this name include a Harry Potter character and a Mass Effect video game.
  4. Arwen – Tolkein fans will recognize this majestic sounding name from The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Arwen is a powerful elf princess who plays a major role in the story. A pretty alternative spelling is Arwyn.
  5. Aurora – Whether you like it for the astronomy reference or the Disney reference, Aurora is a very pretty, feminine name.
  6. Brienne – The heroic Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones makes this name famous in nerd culture. It’s a beautiful, feminine name that has badass connotations from the TV series.
  7. Calista – Calista was a nymph in Greek mythology who was turned into a bear by Hera when she became jealous.
  8. Coraline – A variation on Caroline, this name has more of an an exotic feel. Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novella Coraline is the most famous.
  9. Cortana – Cortana is the name of the virtual assistant that comes with Windows. She is also an artificial intelligence character from the Halo video game series.
  10. Daisy – Most notably Daisy is a main character in The Great Gatsby. The name also pays homage to the actress who plays Rey in the new Star Wars movies, Daisy Ridley.
  11. Echo – In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who fell in love with Narcissus. When he did not love her in return, she faded away until only the sound of her voice remained. The name also appears in both DC and Marvel comics.
  12. Ellie – This nickname for Eleanor means “bright shining one”. She is a main character in the video game The Last of Us.
  13. Eowyn – Eowyn is the brave shield-maiden of Rohan who rides into battle disguised as a man in Lord of the Rings. A fabulous name choice for a little warrior girl.
  14. Fleur – Literally meaning flower, Fleur is the name of a character from Harry Potter; she is a champion in the Triwizard Tournament.
  15. Gabrielle – She was the sweet sidekick to Xena the Warrior Princess on the popular NBC TV series.
  16. Gwenivere – A name with royal heritage, Gwenivere is an old Welsh name for the queen of King Arthur. Alternative spellings include Guinevere and Gwenhwyfar (a Welsh spelling). It’s also the name from which Jennifer originated.
  17. Hana – This alternate spelling for Hannah is Japanese and means “flower”. It is a popular name in anime.
  18. Harley – Harley is a spirited name for the character Harley Quinn in the DC comic universe.
  19. Jyn – Jyn Erso is the main character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This could be a playful alternative to Jen.
  20. Kara – Kara is the name of one of the main android characters in the recent video game Detroit: Become Human.
  21. Katniss Hunger Games fans need no explanation, as she is the heroine of that book series by Suzanne Collins.
  22. Keiko – A Japanese name meaning “happy child”, Keiko is the name of a Star Trek character. It also appears in some manga.
  23. Leela – In the late 70s, Leela was the name of a character who was the companion to the Fourth Doctor on Doctor Who.
  24. Leia – Of course I couldn’t complete this list without my favorite princess from a galaxy far, far away.
  25. Leliana – Leliana is a feisty, spy-master from the Bioware video game series, Dragon Age. The alternate spelling Liliana may be familiar to players of the Magic: The Gathering card game.
  26. Liara – In the Mass Effect universe, Liara is an alien species known as the asari who works as a scientist on the playable character’s team.
  27. Lyra – This name is from the Greek for “lyre”, and is also the name of a star constellation. In the His Dark Materials book series by Phillip Pullman (soon to be an HBO series), Lyra is the heroine.
  28. Morrigan – A mythological goddess of war, this Irish name means “phantom queen”. Morrigan is a powerful witch in the Dragon Age series, mysterious and prickly, but ultimately on the side of the protagonist.
  29. Natasha – Natasha is a Russian name meaning “birthday of the Lord”. It is most notably the name of Black Widow, one of the Avengers.
  30. Padme – As the mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, Padme is a well-known name from the Star Wars saga. She was also a wise and courageous leader in the former Republic.
  31. Persephone – In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of spring.
  32. Pepper – A spunky and modern name, Marvel fans will recognize Pepper as Iron Man’s personal assistant turned wife.
  33. Primrose – Primrose is the younger sister of Katniss in the Hunger Games book series. If you’re looking for a pretty, but less recognizable name from series, this could be it.
  34. Rowena Harry Potter fans will know this name – Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of one of the Hogwarts houses.
  35. Sabine – Sabine Wren is a character on the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series. A similar name, Satine, is also a Star Wars character from The Clone Wars series.
  36. Sansa – Sansa was a popular character from Game of Thrones who develops into quite the tough and courageous young leader. The name actually comes from India and means “praise, charm” in Sanskrit.
  37. Tauriel – This is an elvish name meaning “daughter of the forest”. She is a character in The Hobbit film adaptations (though she does not appear in the books).
  38. Thalia – She was a muse of comedy and poetry in Greek mythology and one of the Three Graces. She is also a character on Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
  39. Valkyrie – Valkyries were beings in Norse mythology who were tasked with traveling with the spirits of warriors who died in battle to Valhalla. Valkyrie is also the name of an elite group of female warriors of Asgard in Marvel’s Thor and Avenger movies.
  40. Zelda – This name probably brings to mind the popular Nintendo game Legend of Zelda.


  1. Alistair – This name is Scottish and means ”defending men”. A popular name in nerd culture, Alistair and it’s variations appear in Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Spider-Man, and Dragon Age.
  2. Ares – In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war. He makes appearances in Wonder Woman comics/movies, the Xena: Warrior Princess TV series, and the God of War video games.
  3. Arod – Arod is the name of the horse that is given to Legolas by Eomer after the loss of it’s original rider in The Lord of the Rings. It’s a less well-known LOTR reference and a strong, masculine name similar to Jared.
  4. Arthur – This Celtic name meaning ”bear” was most notably the name of the British King Arthur, head of the Knights of the Round Table.
  5. Atlas – Atlas was a Greek Titan responsible for holding the world on his shoulders. The name is used for multiple characters in the DC universe and is also used in the famous Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged.
  6. Bane – Originally a Slavic name meaning ”glorious defender”, Bane is a villain in Batman comics/movies and is also a Star Wars villain.
  7. Bruce – Da na na na na na na na Batman! This classic name pays homage to Bruce Wayne.
  8. Cassian – This name has Latin roots and is most notably the name of a major character in Rogue One: A Star Wars story. Cassian Andor will soon be getting his own Star Wars series on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.
  9. Clark – Clark is an English name that means “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk”. Clark Kent is Superman’s real name.
  10. Cullen – This name is actually an Irish surname, but it has become popular as a first name. This is largely due to the popularity of the Cullen family from Twilight. Cullen Rutherford is also the name of a companion character from the Dragon Age video game series.
  11. Dax – This fun, short name is French in origin. Dax was a character on the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  12. Desmond – This classy sounding Irish name means “one from south Munster”. Desmond is the name of the player character in the Assassin’s Creed video game series.
  13. Dexter – For some reason, the name Dexter just has a geeky sound to it. This Latin name meaning right-handed is used for the titular boy-genius on the kid’s cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. It is also the name of a sociopathic serial killer who tries to only kill bad guys on the TV show Dexter.
  14. Dorian – Dorian is a Greek name and started gaining popularity as a first name after Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray (not a flattering reference; Dorian is a self-absorbed character). Dragon Age fans will recognize the name from Dragon Age: Inquisition. He’s also a self-absorbed character, but in a much more endearing, helpful way.
  15. Ender – This name is actually Turkish in origin and means “very rare”. It gained popularity in sci-fi from the Orson Scott Card novel Ender’s Game, which also became a movie.
  16. Eomer – This is a Tolkien name, a character from the Lord of the Rings books and movies. Eomer is a warrior from Rohan, a city known for its superior war horses. He ultimately supports the main heroes and fight’s bravely against Sauron.
  17. Finnick – Finnick Odair was a major character from The Hunger Games books and movies and is the reason this name has gained some traction. It is also an Anglo-Saxon last name.
  18. Galen – Originally a Greek word meaning “calm, healer”, Galen is the name of the engineer who is responsible for the fatal flaw in the Death Star in Star Wars. Before that, the famous namesake was Galen of Pergamon who was a 2nd century physician and philosopher in the Roman Empire.
  19. Harry – Sometimes a nickname for Henry, this widely popular name get’s its nerd status from, of course, Harry Potter!
  20. Jace – The name Jace is Hebrew for “the Lord is Salvation”. Geeks may know Jace Beleren from the card game Magic: The Gathering or Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments fantasy book series.
  21. Jamie – Though perhaps not as popular as Jim or Jimmy, Jamie is a Scottish nickname for James. Nerdy Jamie’s include Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones and Jamie Fraser from Outlander.
  22. Jorah – This name means “early rain” in Hebrew. Jorah Mormont is a brave and loyal companion to Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.
  23. Kelvin – Kelvin is a cute alternative to Kevin or Calvin and has Scottish roots. Science nerds will know that the kelvin is the base unit of temperature used for the International System of Units. The kelvin was named after William Thompson, 1st Baron Kelvin.
  24. Kent – Superman’s last name also makes a fun boy’s first name. Kent is the name of a county in England and was originally a last name, but it works well as a first.
  25. Kylo – The name of Star War‘s newest villain (or heartthrob, depending on who you ask) was the name that had the greatest jump in popularity in 2016, after the release of The Force Awakens.
  26. Logan – Logan is the first name of Wolverine, a member of the X-Men in the comics and movies. It was originally a Scottish name meaning “small hollow”.
  27. Luke – The Star Wars franchise has given us a great many nerdy, yet cool, names to choose for our babies. The last one on this list is the original hero and most famous Jedi, Luke Skywalker.
  28. Mars – Mars, the Roman god of war and Earth’s red, planetary neighbor.
  29. Parker – Spider-Man’s last name makes a sweet boy’s first name. Parker was originally an English name for someone who maintains parks for a living.
  30. Pippin – Peregrin Took, one of the Hobbits who joins the Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings, goes by Pippin as a nickname. It’s a lighthearted, spirited name that is German for “awe-inspiring”.
  31. Quill – This Irish name can be a variation on Quinn. Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) from Guardians of the Galaxy, is known for his sense of humor and saving the galaxy.
  32. Rin – This name can actually be for both baby boys an baby girls. Rin is Japanese in origin and has multiple meanings. It also appears a lot in anime.
  33. Sebastian – Sebastian is a sophisticated boys name of Greek origin and it is used for characters in several nerdy fandoms, from The Little Mermaid to Blade Runner.
  34. Sheldon – This cute name belongs to the king of TV nerds, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.
  35. Solas – Solas is a variaion on the up-and-coming name Silas, a Latin name which means forest. Solas is the name of a mysterious elven mage in the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  36. Tobias – Tobias is a Hebrew and biblical name that means “God is good”. Harry Potter fans will know that Tobias is the name of Severus Snape’s father. Another example is Tobias Beckett from Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  37. Tormund – Tormund Giantsbane is the rowdy and hilarious Wildling warrior that has become a fan favorite from Game of Thrones.
  38. Varric – In the Dragon Age series, Varric is a sarcastic and witty dwarf who accompanies the series heroes on their adventures.
  39. Xander – This name is a variation on Alexander. Xander Harris is one of the main characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  40. Xavier – Xavier means “new house” and is Arabic in origin. The name is most notably shared by Professor Xavier from the X-Men comics and movies.

Well, there you have it! Lot’s of nerdy boy and girl names to choose for the newest geek in your family.

Naming your child after a favorite book/movie/TV show/video game character is a pretty clear indicator of your nerd status, as I wrote about in my post 10 Truths About Being a Nerd Mom. Check it out!

Did you name your little one after a famous character or nerd? Tell me your kids names in the comments!

4 comments on “80 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Name Ideas”

  1. My older sister name is Ada, however it’s mispronounced outside Poland. You’re meant to say first letter like A in the word “artist”. I think it’s super cute and powerful name ❤️ Also, in Poland Ada is short for Adrianna so she often has problems with documents when they automatically change her name to Adrianna 😅

    I like other names from the list too, still have one more month to pick before my bean is born ❤️


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