30 Day Geek Out Challenge – Day 12

I’ve loved everything I’ve played by Bioware. Both Knights of the Old Republic games, and all games in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age universes. My favorite, undoubtedly, is Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Megan over at A Geeky Gal blog created this challenge for fellow geeks to share all about what makes them nerdy. You can see her completed challenge post here.

Favorite video game (or video game series)?

Now we’re speaking my language!

I talked a little about my video gaming journey on Day 8. I was a gamer early on, playing Nintendo 64 classics with my brother when we were kids and making appearances as the only girl at Halo LAN parties in high school.

Nowadays, I don’t have as much time to game, so I’m picky about the games I play. The three things I look for in a game are:

  1. Strong narrative. I need a story that I can feel like I am a part of, or better yet, that I feel like I am writing.
  2. Exploration. I don’t need a completely open-world game, but I like the environment to be discover-able. There’s something really awesome about stumbling upon a sweet new sword or quest item.
  3. Customization. Whether it’s designing a character, a combat style, or a potion, I like to get creative in a game experience.

So I guess it should really be no surprise that RPGs are my thing. Especially Bioware RPGs.

I’ve loved everything I’ve played by Bioware. Both Knights of the Old Republic games, and all games in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age universes.

My favorite, undoubtedly, is Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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This game was epic. Seriously, if you haven’t played it, go buy it now.

The exploration element was phenomenal. DAI boasted larger areas to explore than the first two Dragon Age games. I spent hours uncovering everything I could in every area. I’m not normally a completionist, but I was with DAI.

I loved all the ways you could customize your character from race and combat style to appearance, weapons, and armor.

The story and characters are so compelling. I got so attached to my companions, and Dragon Age lets you romance some of them. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for romance in video games.

And while I adored Dragon Age 1 and 2, Inquisition was special for me because of the twist at the very end involving a certain bald elf.

Solas, in all his bald, elven glory

The game’s several years old but still SPOILERS AHEAD.

It would take too long to recap the plot summary, a lot of which relies on context from Dragon Age 1 and 2. But basically this prideful yet sweet and seemingly innocent elf mage is revealed to be an in-the-flesh elven god called The Dread Wolf in the last scene of the game.

And not just any elven god, but the one who is responsible for the current state of the world and who is known for his treachery.

You can only romance Solas if you play your Inquisitor as an elven female, whose last name is always Lavellan (the player can create a first name).

His romance is fraught with tension and ups and downs. One minute he is sweetly seducing your Lavellan, the next he is pushing you away. And it is no surprise, considering the secret he is hiding.

He is the only romanceable character who will eventually break up with you, no matter what choices you make in the game. And it is HEARTBREAKING.

He is torn between what he believes is a duty to set things right after his past mistakes and the only real connection he has felt with anyone in centuries.

That bald asshole chooses duty, to poor Lavellan’s confusion and dismay, and disappears without a trace. Ugh, right in the feels.

You are a rare and marvelous spirit. In another world…

Solas, stabbing Lavellan right in the heart

Although the player sees the scene where Solas reveals his identity as The Dread Wolf, Lavellan does not. There was a downloadable content add-on called Trespasser in which the Inquisitor tracks down Solas.

He finally comes clean, but it’s still not happily ever after, because his plan to right past wrongs is to destroy the world.

So. You know. The hero can’t let that happen.

He’s seriously an asshole.

So, now we have to wait for the officially announced but still in development Dragon Age 4, which will likely somehow involve stopping Solas from carrying out his apocalyptic plan.

The Solas and Lavellan (Solavellan) ship is my second favorite ship of all time after Reylo, which I talked about on Day 2. I loved Solas’ mystery and how badly he wants to be with Lavellan but feels like he can’t because of his past.

Apparently I like tragic romances with asshole dudes. I don’t know what that says about me.

Alright, this post is long enough. Tell me about your favorite video game of all time! If you played Dragon Age: Inquisition, tell me about your favorite romance!

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