10 Truths About Being a Nerdy Mom


It’s no secret that the epithet “nerd” no longer carries many of the negative connotations it once did. Geeks everywhere are wearing their intelligent, passionate, and zany personalities on their sleeve, and with good reason – it’s cool to be a nerd!

We come in all shapes and sizes, and have a variety of interests and hobbies. From comic books and anime, to history and literature, and math and science, we all have something that get’s us going.

My inner geek really comes out anytime you start talking Star Wars, video games, and fantasy novels. And just because I became a mom doesn’t mean I stopped nerding out about those things. I just have less time to devote to my beloved fandoms and I now share them with crazy, messy, loud little humans.

If you’re a mama with a geeky side, here are 10 realities you know to be true:

1. You represent your favorite fandoms by dressing your baby in nerdy clothes. She has no idea who Daenerys is (never mind that Game of Thrones is NOT a kids show), but a onesie that says “I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi” is just too cute to pass up. By the way, if you’re looking for some GoT baby gear, check these out!

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2. You pick nerdy baby names. Ever since you fell in love with that one character, you knew you had to name your future children after them. Names that reference nerd culture are on the rise. Kylo (Star Wars) made the 2019 list of boys’ names with the biggest jump in popularity, while Yara (Game of Thrones) made the same list for girls’ names.

3. You throw the best birthday parties. Hosting a nerdy birthday bash complete with themed games, party favors, cake, and decorations is sure to earn you the Cool Mom title. Those kiddos will remember that Thanos piñata and Hulk cake for years to come.

Photo by Mohammad Danish

4. You planned out how you’re going to introduce your kiddos to your favorite fandom. You discussed the proper order to have your kids watch the Star Wars movies before they were even born (the answer is IV, V, VI, I II, III, VII, VIII, IX, btw). You also know the exact age they will be ready to sit down and watch all of The Lord of the Rings extended edition movies (the answer is 10).

5. You read to your kids a lot. As a nerd mom, you value education and reading, and you want your kids to as well. Investing time in reading with them teaches them a love of books you hope will carry on throughout their life. Goodnight Darth Vader is a favorite bedtime story in our house!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

6. Your kids can quote your favorite movies/TV shows before they’re 2. In your home, movie quotes are thrown around in every day conversation just for the fun of it. So it’s no surprise that one day your toddler blurts out, “Avada Kedavra!”

7. Halloween is an epic family affair. Nerd families cannot do low-key Halloween. This is the one day a year it socially acceptable to walk around dressed like Batman, so it is HAPPENING. And of course, everyone has to have costumes that go together.

8. Their toys are also kinda your toys. Nerds are kids at heart. After all, many of your geeky hobbies and interests may have started when you were a kid. So maybe you’re a little too excited to bust out that new Lego Minecraft set.

9. You secretly fear they won’t like your nerdy hobbies. We know it can happen. Your kids are finally old enough to sit down and watch all of the Harry Potter movies, but they *gasp* DON’T LIKE IT.

Hey, there’s a good chance your kids won’t love everything you do, because they’re discovering their own fandoms to freak out about. And that’s okay.

10. You’re teaching them awesome life skills and being an amazing mom. Even if your little nerdlings don’t share your obsessions, you are still enriching their lives with exposure to new and different things. You are also setting a good example by pursuing knowledge and experiencing passion. This makes you a fantastic mommy!

Well, nerd mommies, did this describe you? What nerdy things are you most excited to introduce to your kids? What order are you going to have your kids watch the Star Wars movies in? Tell me in the comments!

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