30 Day Geek Out Challenge – Day 22

Okay, for this question, there are just too many good answers. This one needs to be a LIST. Here are my 12 Favorite Fandom Quotes.

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Favorite fandom quote?

Okay, for this question, there are just too many good answers. This one needs to be a LIST. Here are my 12 Favorite Fandom Quotes.

BONUS: Presented in sweet graphic form.


This one is just a classic. One of the things I love about Lord of the Rings is the theme of courage and being willing to take on the risks of venturing out into the world for the greater good. This Bilbo quote captures that spirit well.


In Return of the King (the movie), Eowyn defiantly shouts this at the Witch-King after he claims no man can kill him, and before she kicks his ass. It’s worded a bit differently in the books, but it’s the same sentiment, acted wonderfully by Miranda Otto.


I love the romance of this quote. Lord of the Rings is one of the few examples where playing up a romance that wasn’t as prominent in the books was not a bad choice. Arwen and Aragorn’s love is so bittersweet, but I love it. In fact, when we had our Lord of the Rings themed wedding, we had a banner made with this quote on it for decor.


The dialogue in the Dragon Age video games is some of the best video game writing ever, in my opinion. There are so many gems of wisdom in them. This line is spoken by Flemeth and I love the advice here. What makes you stand apart as a person is your willingness to leap, not knowing the outcome, but trusting your bravery and determination to get you through.


As you can see, change is a bit of a theme in Dragon Age. The games take place during some pretty momentous and world-shattering events. I’ve always tried to embrace change, and I like the wisdom that Morrigan shares. We can’t fear change, because it can be exactly what we need.


In case you didn’t know, Morrigan is a badass. This is a great quote for the feminist in me. This piece of advice is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there is a lot of truth here. Women are often underestimated by men.


He may be a baddie for most of the original trilogy, but we can all relate to Darth Vader. Admit it, you’ve wished you had Force-choking abilities on a few occasions. I love this snarky understatement. I think about using this line in real life.


This might be one of the most famous quotes from Star Wars, and perhaps it’s a bit over done, but I love it. Just do it.


I couldn’t help but put my favorite Reylo quotes in here. This moment was so intimate and was a turning point in Ben and Rey’s relationship.


Okay, so technically The Rise of Skywalker hasn’t even come out yet. And who knows, maybe these two lines were strung together for the trailer, but won’t actually be spoken concurrently in the movie. That’s been known to happen. But my inner fan-girl was screaming when I heard these lines from the trailer. Who is seriously still denying Reylo anymore?!


I talked about the Kushiel’s Legacy book series on Day 13 of the Geek Out Challenge. In the series, “Love as thou wilt” is the most important tenant of the religion of the main character’s people. They believe that the freedom to love who you choose is holy and doing so honors their god. Monogamous or polygamous, straight, gay, bi – it is all accepted as long as it is consensual. I loved this quote so much, I actually got it tattooed on me!


I don’t have this one as a tattoo, but I love it just as much. The Kushiel’s Legacy heroine, Phedre, is employed as a spy and is taught to value all kinds of knowledge, from the secrets of important nobles, to the language of a far away culture. As lifelong lover of learning, I embrace this mentality.

What are your favorite fandom quotes? Tell me in the comments!

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