5 Fictional Characters I’d Invite for a Night Out


The Sartorial Geek blog created the 5 Fandom Friday prompts. You can follow along here!

Many of us nerds like to imagine what it would be like to meet our favorite fictional characters. After all, there are hoards of fanfiction pieces exploring scenarios where the author is inserted into a fictional universe; or the opposite, fictional characters living in the real world.

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt was fictional characters you would invite to tea. I’m not really the tea party type, so I changed this to a night out. These are the five fictional people I’d love to take with me for an evening of fun banter, a few margaritas, and dancing the night away.

1. Tony Stark – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark was the obvious choice of Avengers for a night out. He’d get us into all the coolest bars and ensure we get the VIP treatment. He’d be cracking us up all night with his snarky comments and witty jokes. There would never be a dull moment with the Iron Man.

2. Isabela – Dragon Age II


Isabella is a pirate who is known for getting into trouble. She drinks, is a bit promiscuous, and will challenge anyone who opposes her to a knife duel. She’s beautiful, cunning, and mischievous. If we went out together, I bet I’d have no trouble getting her on the dance floor with me. We’d have a great time, and she wouldn’t let anyone mess with us.

3. Princess Leia – Star Wars


I mentioned during the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge that Leia was the fictional character I’d most want to meet in real life. I’d have to include her in my night out. Not only do I feel like she would make a great BFF, I also think she’d be fabulous for a night on the town. She’s more responsible than Isabela, but no less badass. And could you imagine the sassy repartee with Tony Stark and the Princess? It would be so entertaining.

4. Sansa Stark – Game of Thrones


It might be a bit weird to have two totally different Starks at the same party, but when I was trying to think of some awesome women who I’d want to celebrate with, I thought of Sansa. When we first meet Sansa, parties, getting dressed up, and having a good time are important to her. Through the series, we see her suffer, which hardens her into the brave and discerning leader she needs to become. While growing into this more serious role was an important part of her character arc, I can’t help but feel like Sansa was robbed of the merriment she wanted. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice and have fun. So I’d take Sansa out to try to show her the good time she deserved.

5. Merry and Pippin – Lord of the Rings

New Line Cinema

The final additions to my little band of merry-makers are the comic relief. I thought our group needed some light-hearted jokesters to keep the laughs and drinks coming. And of course, you can’t have the Brandybuck without the Took, so I thought they could count as one. I just love the idea of spending time with these two. They’re so goofy and fun.

Who would you invite out? Tell me in the comments!

5 comments on “5 Fictional Characters I’d Invite for a Night Out”

      1. Yeah my taste in fictional characters is mostly aliens but I do have some human ones I like too. Going to a night out with Leia and Merry and Pippin would be fun. Maybe I’ll do this too, so far Garrus Vakarian will be one of them. 😉


      2. Thane is my second romance option. I can imagine Miranda being a good choice upon remembering from the Citadel DLC where she tries to do normal outings. I also love a couple of other BioWare characters but you can’t romance them 😕


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