Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule for One- and Three-Year-Old

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Managing multiple little ones at different ages as a stay-at-home mom is a challenge. I have a three-year old boy and a one-year-old girl and I have stayed home with them for almost a year. Over the last 12 months, our daily routine has changed a lot. As they get older, their needs change, and we’ve had to adapt.

The fact that we had a move out-of-state during that time really disrupted what routines we had in place. Now that things have settled, I feel like we finally have a good rhythm in place.

I created my stay-at-home mom schedule printable to help me feel more organized and make SAHM mom life less chaotic. The kids like a little structure in their day. Do we have days that don’t go as planned? Sure, but using the schedule as a guideline is a HUGE help.

I printed out this schedule and laminated it so I could post it on our command center board. I really use it weekly to get our routine written down and stay organized.

My schedule printable is available to you completely FREE; just enter your email to be sent a PDF to download. You can have yours sent to you here.

Are you a mom that wants to use the printable but aren’t sure how? Maybe you’re not currently on any sort of schedule but want to start. I get it! Sometimes we just focus every day on surviving, and that is totally normal.

Everyone’s schedule will be a little different, but I want to share our current routine to give you some ideas. This is what works for us, at my kids’ current ages. I’ve had a lot of trial and error since I became a SAHM mom, but this is definitely the optimal set up for us.

7:30 am

This is usually when both of my kids are awake. Sometimes my daughter sleeps a little later, in which case I let my son snuggle in bed with me to try and snooze a little longer until she wakes up.

I know a lot of moms try to get up before their kids, to get a head start on their day. I will never be one of those moms. I’ve always been a night owl and getting up earlier doesn’t work for me. But if it helps you, go for it!

8:00 am

Once both kids are up, I freshen up quickly (brush hair and teeth, wash and moisturize face), and we head downstairs for breakfast. I set the kids up at the table with something quick (fruit, bagels, etc.) then make my coffee and breakfast.

8:30 am

This time is unstructured play time for the kids. Sometimes they watch some TV, sometimes I leave it off. While they play in the family room, I sip my coffee and do some quick work from my phone (checking emails, posting on social media for my blog, etc.). This is also a time when I get any necessary housework done.

This day we watched Star Wars while I had my coffee.

10:30 am

I put away my phone and do some kind of activity or outing with the kids. This is when I try schedule play dates or go to story time at the library.

If we’re leaving the house, we get dressed and head out. If not, I set up puzzles, sensory activities, or arts/crafts stuff; my goal is to make this engaged time where they have my undivided attention. They also usually have their morning snack around this time.

One day we tried out “sink or float” as our activity. They loved it!

12:00 pm

Lunch time! Right now, my son is obsessed with peanut butter and jelly, so that is the go to lunch. We keep it simple with our staple favorites.

I often pack lunches to take with us when we go out somewhere, but sometimes we’ll stop and get fast food. We stick to healthier stuff most of the time, but we indulge every once in a while!

12:30 pm

After lunch is nap/quiet time and focused work time for me. My daughter naps very consistently at this time.

My son was getting harder and harder to get down for a nap, so we decided it was time to cut out his naps. He wasn’t sleeping well at night either, so it seemed like he was ready. He usually plays games on his tablet or watches YouTube videos while his sister naps and I work in my office.

My son sits in his bean bag chair in my office and plays games on his tablet while I work.

3:30 pm

When my daughter wakes up, it’s time for another outing/activity (along with the afternoon snack). We recently have started going to our local rec center in the afternoons. I let the kids play with a ball during open gym or we go to the playground across the street. Then I drop the kids off at the child care center for members while I get my workout in.

I love that we have this resource because it’s a great opportunity for the kids to socialize with other kids, and I get some time to exercise and have a little break and time to myself. Win-win!

If we don’t go to the gym, I often use this time to get housework done.

Trying out his new basketball at the rec center gym.

5:00 pm

After we get home from our outing, the kids have more unstructured play time while I prepare dinner.

The kids causing mayhem in the kitchen while I try to cook dinner.

6:30 pm

I try to time dinner for when my husband usually gets home from work. If my husband is home in time, we have dinner all together as a family. If there’s time after dinner, the kids play for a little longer and spend time with daddy.

7:30 pm

We head upstairs for bath time. This is more time for my husband to be with the kids; he bathes them while I get my shower since I’m still yucky from working out.

8:00 pm

Story time! All four of us pile into my son’s bed (it’s full size) for some books and last-minute together time.

8:30 pm

Time for lights out. I rock my daughter to sleep in her room and set her in her crib. Then I go say good night to my son. If he’s not quite sleepy yet (and often, he’s not; he’s never been a good sleeper) I lay down and talk to him quietly until he’s ready for sleep.

Then, finally, it’s my evening time. Like I said, I’m a night owl and I tend to stay up late. I use this time for more focused activities like blogging or paying bills. Then I try to do something for me. Usually playing video games, catching up on Netflix, or reading.

Well, that’s it! That’s our daily routine.

Do you have a daily schedule already in place? Or are you still searching for your ideal routine? Tell me in the comments!

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